Long Day

Went to hang out with my bass playing cousin, sharkdriver2k3 on SoundCloud and @NoobyDrood on Twitter, at his place last night. I had my guitars and iPad in tow and he had an idea for a song. This is what happened.


From the Vault: See It My Way

I used to be in this band called 7 till.

We played all over the state for about 4 years. It was the most successful band I was ever in, also some of the best music I ever particpated in writing.

We recorded a demo at Fame Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals at one point, which was kind of a big deal to me. But right before things fell apart, we recorded a second demo in our practice pad at Pegasus Records and Tapes in Florence, Alabama.

"See It My Way" was a result of that weekend session...

(Thanks Rick, Drew, Brett, and Dan for the memories!)

See It My Way

From the Vault: Sickness

When you spend your life pursuing a passion, every once in a while you stumble across a piece of work that screams out "Why?' I don't know why this song is regulated to an old recording on my first (Packard Bell) PC.

I can tell you that it was recorded on a case of PBR and a lack of anything better to do. Thanks to Nick Franks for the lyric and vocal. One of my all time favortie songs that I have been involved in writing.

Rock-n-Roll indeed.

(It was a stormy night, listen for the thunder. Remember it like it was yesterday. Wish it were.)



From the Vault: Ordinary Friend

I was sifting through some old recordings tonight and came across "Ordinary Friend." I recorded this one stormy night about 15 years ago with a friend of mine Nick (vocals) in my one room upstairs (favorite apartment ever).

Nick came over with absolutely no agenda. Saturday night, nothing going on. No sports on, no parties, just a stormy blah night. So we went to a package store and picked up a case of PBR and went back to the apartment. I had a Packard Bell with a mic and after knocking out about half of our swill beer, we decided we should put a few songs that we had been working on down for posterity. No frills, just an acoustic guitar (a really bad acoustic guitar), vocals, and a mic attached to my PB PC. I can't even remember what software we used to capture the audio. I remember using Goldwav to add a little reverb and crop it.

At any rate, for what ever reason, I have managed to hold on to these recordings all these years. From one Windows PC to the next and even through the Mac transition. So I guess somebody should hear them. They are still some of my favorite songs I have ever recorded. Hope you can get past the quality and appreciate "Ordinary Friend" too.


Ordinary Friend

Last Night In New York (Remix)

A hotel room. Simone (My Strat). Me. And an iPad.

Finally got home and when I listened to "Last night In New York," I noticed a weakness of the iPad is mixing. The mix that I exported off the iPad sounded fine on ear buds and head phones, but was uneven at best on ambient speakers. So after importing the project file into Garageband on my Mac, here is a new hopefully better mix.

Last Night In New York (Remaster)

reecho - Redeaux

I don't usually do this, but I really like this song and so decided to take another pass at mixing it down.

Demo ware that it is, give it another listen and understand that it was recorded and mixed on an iPad. Just sketching out some ideas right here, right now.

- X

V You can listen by clicking the link below V


i like jam

OK. Was bored tonight and figured I would plug up all the guitars to the 'puter and start working on some sounds for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I want to finsh my cover of "God Only Knows." Secondly, I needed the experience with dialing in sounds for the different guitars for the Sushi demos, when they start.

So I recorded a 2-minute "jam session" with my Strat (Simone), Krammer (Bambi), and Dean bass (never got around to naming her) with a little assist from a drum loop and a synth. Only spent a couple of hours on it, so not perfect, but I love the sounds I got on everything, except the bass, which is something that has to be addressed before demos start.

The crowd noise, I piped it in so I could feel like a rock star on a Friday night :OP

- X

PS - Made with Garageband. Thank you Apple! Awesome piece of software!

i like jam

Demoing a Cover

I have had this song stuck in my head lately, "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys.

So, I thought I would play around with it in anticipation of Sushi starting to demo some songs.

Well, here is the basic arrangement (all software instruments). Melody and the rest (i.e. live instruments) to come later. (Love this song! Thank U Brian Wilson!)

- X


God Only Knows